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When investing in any aspect of specialist, high-precision engineering, you need to be assured of the stringent quality standards and safe health and safety practices of your providers.

Our services are not only widely used and trusted by a huge variety of clients, they are continually supported and endorsed by prestigious monitoring organisations that routinely inspect and review what we do.

Maintaining the highest standards

We believe in thoroughly monitoring every aspect of our employees’ working methods to ensure they provide quality, efficiency and above all safety to every business and individual involved. Health and safety has to be the top priority for all industrial companies, and this is particularly crucial in our sector which uses powerful and complex machinery to manufacture metalwork products of the highest possible precision, consistency and reliability.

Fully accredited and endorsed

We are fully endorsed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) – the most respected and widely used acreditor for an extensive number of commercial and industrial sectors across Europe. Our ISO 9001 certification rewards exceptional quality standards in every management system, machine, service and product we implement, use and produce, providing peace of mind and guaranteeing the perfect solution for you.  Click here to view our ISO certificate.

Why ISO certification is so important

ISO AccreditationThe all-round inspection, auditing and reviewing process overseen by the ISO is highly involved, serving not only to monitor existing practices but also to ensure they consistently improve even further.

Securing ISO accreditation demands that we adhere to strict best working practice guidelines in metalworking which are internationally enforced. Further to this, our working relationship with the ISO allows us to maximise the efficiency of our work at the same time as making sure our response to customers’ feedback is as reactive and helpful as possible.

To find out more about the process of, and safety and quality-based guarantees afforded to us by being a fully ISO certificated metalwork company, please visit the official ISO website.


If you wish to find out more about our auditing, or any aspect of our hi-tech metalwork and specialist machining expertise, contact our friendly team today.

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