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AD Engineering Ltd
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Engineering Services

CNC Engineering Services

24-hour production schedules, full ISO 9001 accreditation in quality management and the very latest precision metalwork engineering technology means bespoke, high end and highly cost-effective component manufacture in a range of materials.

Shaping a huge range of metals including mild steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, engineering plastic, inconel, hastelloy, super duplex, titanium and stainless steel for almost two decades, our expert team work to the highest quality standards across our range of CNC machining and precision engineering services.

Call us today on 01795 435 900 to discuss your metalwork requirements with our extensively experienced engineers.

Our services are provided nationwide across many industries, including:


Subsea Technologies

Providing custom metalwork for clients in the marine and subsea industries is just one of our many specialist strengths. We know that the demands for this sector are like no other, and our decades of experience in this field means that we know every design specification and production material needed for the subsea environment.

Our service is highly flexible, and we are able to work with your designs, modify existing ones or create new products based on your individual requirements. Find out more on our subsea engineering page.


The quality of metalwork engineering is crucial to safety and efficiency in all industries but within photonics, the parts needed to carry out the job are often completely unique. Our high precision CNC machinery ensures that every component or piece of equipment we provide for the photonics industry is consistently accurate, no matter whether the order is a one-off custom designed metal instrument or a bulk order of highly technical photonics components.

Visit our dedicated page for more details on our photonics engineering services

Renewable Energy

An ever-expanding industry, and widely viewed as indispensable for the future, renewable energy systems can be lucrative both in the short and long term. High quality components, backed up by thorough scientific research and created with absolute pin-point precision are essential in order to ensure that renewable energy enterprises are able to provide reliability, safety and efficiency in their products and services while maximising their own profits.

This is something that AD Engineering is proven to excel at, and we have multiple ongoing contracts with renewable energy companies across the UK and Europe. Find out more about the extensive expertise we have in renewable energy.

Comprehensive metal fabrication across the UK and Europe

From our central office, warehouse and factory premises in Sittingbourne, North Kent, we design, manufacture and distribute high quality metal components and equipment to a diverse commercial and industrial clientele throughout the UK and Europe. We continue to secure contracts with organisations based in London, Liverpool, Ashford, Newcastle, Reading, Lisbon, Leeds, Edinburgh, Paris, Madrid, Dundee, Berlin, Prague, Cardiff, Glasgow, Bristol, Dublin, Maidstone, Belfast, Newport and Manchester.

Enquiries are welcomed from all areas of the UK and Europe, so contact us today to receive a free quotation for your needs and to see what quality improvements and cost efficiencies we could bring to your metal components.

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